3 Simple Tips for the Best Wedding Ever

Your wedding should be the best and most memorable day of your life. And, of course, you want it to be memorable for everyone else attending, as well. Most of all, it should be a day that everyone can enjoy and be sure to remember. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your wedding is the best that anyone has ever attended.

Choose a theme and run with it.

Your theme should be an interest that you and your future spouse both share. If you both like a certain movie, show, or video game, then go for that. The only thing that can limit you is your own imagination. If you want a broader theme, then you can choose a genre or something that you both relate to. Whatever you choose, just be sure to have fun with it. If you decide to go with a fairy tale wedding, then you can have fairies, magic, and a fantastical setting. You could even dress as a princess and knight in shining armor. Your invitations could include the words “once upon a time” and your thank you cards could read “happily ever after.” Huffington Post has plenty of articles devoted to themed weddings, one entitled “J.K. Rowling Would Be Impressed With This Harry Potter-Themed Wedding“ in which they boast of how the author of the books herself would love the photos. With whatever you decide to go with, you should incorporate any theme into every aspect of your wedding to make your special day the very best.

Make an entrance.

Everyone is expecting for the groom to wait at the front of the aisle while the bride walks slowly in to a slow, beautiful song. After all, this is the first impression that you’re making before you finally tie the knot. However, why not make it grand? Involve your wedding party. Pick your favorite song. Have lights flashing. Maybe dance a little as you all proceed down the aisle or come out of unexpected locations. Make sure that everyone has their eyes on you. If you prefer to be more traditional, then make an entrance at the reception.

Keep everyone involved.

Your wedding party should play along and help you keep the party going, but you can involve your guests as well. If you are having a theme, mention it on the invitations and maybe have everyone dress appropriately for the occasion. If you want to do something different in the ceremony, like a performance or a new tradition of your own, then have the people close to you participate. Choose some things that will allow everyone in attendance to take part in your special day. You can have a photo booth that will let your guests take pictures with silly props that you will all be able to keep forever. You can have a crafts table where anyone can make you a unique gift or even create a souvenir for themselves. As mentioned in Los Angeles Times, “a photo booth and vintage couch set up with props, along with late night burger and doughnut food trucks, added to the interactive feel” in Jennifer Mumford’s wedding. There’s a lot that you can do to make sure that your day will always be remembered as the best. And the best weddings are memorable weddings.

Just know that your wedding should be all about you and your future spouse. So make it all about the two of you and the things that you share together. Keep your own interests and the things that you enjoy in mind. And most of all make sure that it’s a wedding that you’ll both love. It will be the best wedding ever as long as you’re both happy.

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